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Skin Care Clinic For Rashes And Skin Lesions

At ReGen Skin, we treat a variety of skin rashes and lesions on a daily basis. Skin rashes are common in everyday life and can result from a number of activities, allergies, viruses, fungi, hormones or general health issues.

Most patients want relief from the symptoms, to get the skin problem to go away, and to make sure they are not contagious. We will help you with all of that.

Acne is another concern that can not only be uncomfortable but can interfere with the patient’s feeling of self confidence. This can occur during all stages of life. We can help you with your complexion!

Skin cancer is a big concern, especially in our climate as most people are outdoors in the sunshine quite a bit. If you have any skin nodules or moles that are listed below, please come in for a visit.

  • Bleed
  • Scale
  • Crust
  • Increasing in size
  • Bigger than a pencil eraser
  • Have several colors
  • Irregular margins (unclear edges)

ReGen Medical Clinic is a quick access, NO Insurance Doctors Office!

Health care costs have risen dramatically over the last two decades. Affordability in health care is a problem, but ReGen Medical Clinic has a solution.

ReGen Clinic offers “pay as you go” medical services. You aren't tied down by monthly premiums or dues. If you don’t need us, you don’t pay us.

At ReGen Medical Clinic in Grand Junction, there are NO waits for your application to be reviewed and accepted. What a relief to the usual long processes that other health care clinics have in place!

ReGen Clinic accepts cash and major credit cards for a fee. Our visit prices are more than 50% less than other primary care physicians in Grand Junction.

ReGen Medical Visit Pricing

Cost per visit is listed below. Treatment costs are not included in office visit fee. Please see our complete fee schedule for additional costs.

  • Routine Office Visit (Cash)
  • Routine Office Visit (Credit /Debit Card)
  • Nursing Home Visit (Cash/ $130 Credit Card)
  • Annual Physical Exam (Cash/ $90 Credit Card)
  • After Hours Office Visit (Cash/ $130 Credit Card)
  • New Patient Visit

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ReGen Medical Clinic offers cost-effective, quality healthcare. Doctor's visits are only $60 cash per visit with NO contracts. You simply "pay as you go" with us. Pay only for services you need! Book now and be seen today!

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