Small Business Health Plans In Grand Junction

Have you been frustrated by the rising costs of healthcare insurance? Perhaps you are one of many employers that have been forced to discontinue healthcare insurance as a part of a benefits package. Or, you may not have been able to offer healthcare insurance but would like to. You might still have health insurance, but your employees are faced with high deductibles. This causing them to feel like they have to pay for premiums and also for care.

When your employees are sick, and miss work, this affects your bottom line. ReGen Clinic can help. We provide small business health plans when needed at highly reduced rates. We can see your employees on the same day or next day as their appointment request. This equates to getting them back to work as soon as possible.

Because the fees are associated with the number of employees and their demographics, please call for specific rates. Discounts are available on a case by case basis.

ReGen Medical Clinic is a quick access doctors office with no long waits!

ReGen Clinic employs a trusted primary care provider board certified in adult and geriatric primary care. She has years of experience diagnosing and treating patients like you. ReGen goes the extra mile, and provides non-rushed, personalized primary care service which are appreciated in this day and age!

At ReGen Medical Clinic in Grand Junction, there are NO waits for your application to be reviewed and accepted. What a relief to the usual long processes that other health care clinics have in place!

ReGen Primary accepts Medicare patients, Medicaid patients, insurances. Please call to find out if we accept your insurance! ReGen is also available to help patients with no insurance coverage.

Your Grand Junction Primary Care Provider

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ReGen offers SAME DAY DOCTOR visits to adult patients across the Grand Valley. Simply contact us here and be seen in a matter of hours.

Licensed Professionals

Primary care providers offer HIGH-QUALITY HEALTHCARE. We are licensed and Board Certified members of the healthcare industry. At ReGen Medical Clinic our patients come first!

On-Going Medical Care

Care for ongoing issues, including diabetes, depression and anxiety, high blood pressure, thyroid, fibromyalgia, and more. contact us and be seen today!